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Hextable House blue plaque

Dedicated in memory of Sharon Mitchell, chairman of the society, who died in March 2020


On 1st April 2023 the Society's second blue plaque was unveiled at the site of the house by Sharon Mitchell's husband, Graham, and daughter, Katie. There was an introduction by Darren Kitchener, chairman of the parish council and then a speech by Graham which can be downloaded here. The ceremony was attended by Avril Hunter, chairman of Sevenoaks District Council (shown in the photo with Darren Kitchener, Graham and Katie) and Peter Fleming, leader of Sevenoaks District Council.

V2 Rocket Attack Memorial

On the 14th March 2020 the Society's first blue plaque was unveiled on the 75th anniversary of the landing of a V2 rocket in Hextable killing 10 people and destroying buildings in Main Road


Click on the photo above for the booklet that was circulated at the ceremony and here for the speech given by John Meakins, the sponsor of the plaque , recounting the event. Click on the photo below for some photos of the event.

The Society's Treasurer Margaret Neaves sadly died on 8th May 2016. Click here for a tribute from the chairman

Audrey Rainer

In May 2015 Audrey Rainer was appointed President of the Society upon her retirement from the committee

Audrey Rainer

Audrey on the left being presented with a rose by the chairman

Audrey Rainer became chairman of The Society in May 2001, a few months after it was formed in 2000.During her time in office, Audrey completed many projects, including helping to compile the DVD video record 'Hextable - A Growing Village', and writing the short pamphlet outlining key points in the history of the village, both of which are available here. After stepping down from the Chairman's position in 2010, she remained on the committee, until May 2015. At the AGM later that month, she was made Life President of the Society, a position which had been vacant since the death of Hextable Heritage Society's first holder of that office, Geoff Blaxall.

Open Day 2012

Here are some views taken
of members of the society perusing news and documents in the Heritage Centre

Click on the image for an enlarged version

Open Day 2011